Media platforms represent the largest marketing segment of 21st century.

Keeping the right social profile tied to the brand philosophy is hard everyday duty. It creates the buzz, it tells audience that you are still in the game. We developed effective techniques not just to reach the audience but also to increase it. It's a complex semi automatic PR algorithms which can be successfully deployed with search engine optimization. Social Networks are most visited websites today. It takes a lot of time to keep updated all facebook, twitter, instagram, google+, linkedin and etc accounts at the same time. We offer social media accounts management and promotion. Reports and analytic tools are also available.

Product placement is not new to a marketing. We have an access to celebrities and other famous people that can promote our products on a special terms. We also have our own advertising platforms with hundreds of thousands views from target audiences.

New releases should have media coverage. It is hard to get an attention from big publishers. Call us brokers who makes it work. We also create and select the right content and provide the information support for a feedback.

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