Logo is a face of your business.

To create a logotype of today is not just to draw an emblem. There is a set of rules and standards dictated by new technologies and methods of information consumption. It could be even not just one logo for example full and the one that is used as an icon for a stamp, wearable, website or application.

Media kit is a must have option. Publishers are using their own standards of typography and newspapers are still in black and white. The press kit includes logo and other materials converted to comply with publishing standards. The methods logo will be displayed also matters, like if it will be on a neon sign, of highlighted from inside, or a banner, or maybe even mirrored.

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Original Version
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Newspaper Version

Consumer's attraction to a product is mostly caused by idealized life experiences they can get with the ownership of such product. Product qualities are nothing without right selling philosophy. Brand strategy defines it and slogan is a message that defines everything. We always do a deep research for the subject product or industry and it's target clientele. Culture, income, religion, sex and many other things can influence on how people see the product. It is crucial to understand where is a safe zone even for a provocative tactics.

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