Online Education

Many schools are faced with challenges of teaching students who are prevented from attending class due to the Coronavirus. Online learning solutions allow students and teachers to continue the education process without the need of coming on a school premises.
For example this article shows how the whole school in NY switched to online education using platform called “Zoom”.
While Zoom and a-like services allow fast setup, they charge each user a monthly fee without ownership of a service itself and no customization. Its free, basic option only permits 40-minute meetings with three or fewer participants.

We offer private server video conferencing software set up, with no commercial limits on the use and customization using BigBlueButton open-source software. It supports multiple audio and video sharing, presentations with extended whiteboard capabilities - such as a pointer, zooming and drawing - public and private chat, desktop sharing. Moreover, users may enter the conference in one of two roles: viewer or moderator. As a viewer, a user may join the voice conference, share their webcam, raise their hand, and chat with others. As a moderator, a user may mute/unmute others, eject any user from the session, and make any user the current presenter. The presenter may upload slides and control the presentation.

Our company will deploy a virtual private server hosting; install and configure Linux Ubuntu; where the latest version of a BigBlueButton will be installed and set up within TWO working days. It can be linked to a separate domain or to a subdomain of your existing website. Logos and other branding materials can be implemented with your copy. Front end works both on mobile devices and desktops, requires up to date browsers and internet connection. No special client applications are needed to be installed.